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Which torrents get listed on AnimeSuki and which do not? This page aims to explain AnimeSuki's listing policy in detail.

  • Anime only
    It may seem obvious, but AnimeSuki will only list Japanese animation, and not manga (comics), anime-related music, or games. Anime music videos or video game trailers are also excluded.
    • AnimeSuki staff may, at their discretion, choose to list certain live-action (non-anime) shows that are based on recent, popular anime or manga.
  • Unlicensed only
    AnimeSuki will not list anime that has been licensed for home video release (such as DVD or Blu-ray) or digital distribution (such as streaming video) in the US. All listed titles will be removed promptly upon licensing. We are aware that certain anime titles are also legally available with English subtitles or dubs in regions other than North America, however we will continue to list fansubs of those anime titles as long as they meet the other criteria of this policy.
    • If a license has expired and a title is not available for legal viewing or purchase anymore, AnimeSuki may re-list such titles as long as the fansubs are not based in any way on the legal version.
  • No ero anime (a.k.a. hentai)
    AnimeSuki will not list ero (pornographic) anime, however we may list "ecchi" (mildly indecent) anime that may not be suitable for all audiences. Site users are advised to check information sites for the anime in question to see if it contains any objectionable material.
  • English subtitles only
    At the moment, AnimeSuki will only list fansubs with (at least) English subtitles. Although torrent links also exist for fansubs in other languages, AnimeSuki will not list those. This is mainly because keeping track of what has been licensed in those other languages is a daunting task, in addition to being confusing for visitors who only know English.
  • Fansubs only
    AnimeSuki will only list fansubs where some effort went into the translation. So-called fansubs whose subtitles were ripped or modified from a legally-translated source (such as DVD, no matter which region) will not be listed. Fansubs for shows where legal subtitles exist must be proven as real fansubs (not subtitle rips) before they will be added to the site.
  • No raw or dubbed anime
    AnimeSuki will not list anime that has no English subtitles or where the audio is in anything other than the original language.
  • BitTorrent links only
    As AnimeSuki is about BitTorrent, we'll not link to any other means of downloading anime, such as HTTP or FTP.
  • No parodies
    At the present time, AnimeSuki will only list anime that is (for the most part) seriously translated. Any "pure" parody fansubs will not be listed, although it is still possible some anime listed may contain jokes or other brief segments clearly not seriously translated.
  • No re-encodes
    AnimeSuki will only list alternative versions of a fansub if they are made by the same group that produced the original version. Re-encodes made by groups or individuals not affiliated with the group that produced the original translation will not be listed.


Please note that due to the way links are added to the AnimeSuki database, we can't always be sure a link we add follows these guidelines. If you feel we've added a torrent link in error (which violates this policy) please contact us about it, either by posting about it on the forum or by email. Note: contacting us through the forum will probably yield the fastest response.

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