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Frequently asked questions are answered below. You may also want to check the FAQ or documentation of your favorite BitTorrent client: µTorrent FAQ, Vuze FAQ, Transmission FAQ and Deluge FAQ.


BitTorrent generic questions

How do I start downloading from BitTorrent?

Download a BitTorrent client (see next question), install it and click on a BitTorrent link. Your download should start automatically.

Where can I download a BitTorrent client?

Generally the most recommended client is µTorrent, which is available for Windows and also is designed to work on Wine (Windows emulator). Other good clients are Vuze (which is Java based and runs on any operating system), Transmission (native Mac client) and Deluge (native client for Linux and other platforms).

Why are downloads so slow?

Due to the way BitTorrent works, you download from other people who are also downloading (or uploading) the same file. Your download speed is greatly dependent on the other downloaders in such a "swarm", such as the number of other people downloading (more is better), how many people have completed the file and how many people your BitTorrent client is able to connect to. For the last issue, it helps to forward the relevant ports on your router (if you have one). See also the FAQ page of your BitTorrent client (for links, see top of this page) for more information.

Can downloads be resumed?

Yes. You can close your BitTorrent client at any time and it will resume the next time your start it again.

How can I help uploading?

If you want to help out with uploading, simply keep the torrent file in your BitTorrent client after you finish downloading. If you already removed it or acquired the file through other means, simply put it in your download folder (where your BitTorrent client puts finished files) and click on the relevant torrent link. Your BitTorrent client will verify the file and resume uploading ("seeding"). Note that the filename on your computer needs to be precisely the same as in the torrent file for this to work.

How do you stop BitTorrent from uploading?

Uploading back to others who are downloading the same file is a design feature of BitTorrent. Even if you hacked a BitTorrent client (or manipulated the settings to upload very slowly) your own download speeds will likely suffer as most BitTorrent clients give lower upload priority to those who don't share anything.

I have ADSL/Cable, is there a way to limit the upload speed?

Most BitTorrent client have the ability to throttle upload speeds. If you set the upload speed to just below your maximum upload speed, download speeds should improve.

How do I set up my own BitTorrent downloads?

See the How to Make a Torrent page of the µTorrent documentation on how to create torrent files. If you want to share anime related content, can upload the torrent to sites like NyaaTorrents or Or try a public tracker such as PublicBitTorrent or OpenBitTorrent. related questions

What does the "ul" column mean?

The "ul" column refers to the amount of people connected which have a complete file ("seeders"). In general you always need at least one seeder, otherwise you probably won't be able to download the file completely. However due to improvements to BitTorrent clients such as DHT you may still be able to complete your download even if AnimeSuki reports the torrent has zero seeds or even if the tracker is down, so it is usually worthwhile to try anyway.

What does the "dl" column mean?

The "dl" column refers to the amount of people connected who are trying to download the file, but don't have a complete file yet ("leechers"). Due to the way BitTorrent works, the term "leech" may not be entirely appropiate as having many leechers and few seeders is not a problem and in fact it might help you as with BitTorrent leechers also upload to others.

What's's policy on licensed anime? will only list unlicensed anime. When a show is licensed it will be removed from the list. For a list of of shows that have been recently licensed see our License Database. See also: Listing policy

Can you share (insert episode/series here) for me?

AnimeSuki does not create nor share any of the files listed on the site. AnimeSuki is merely an index of links to other sites who host torrent files, so we can not add torrents to our database that do not exist elsewhere.

Is downloading fansubs illegal?

Technically, yes. See Licensed anime for a detailed explanation. Generally anime downloaders are far less likely to get into any kind of legal trouble, although over the past few years this has changed. See also: DMCA notices

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